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Drinking Water Annual Summary Project Reports Breakout By

Starting in 2021, annual programmatic information captured in the state and national reports is auto calculated based on project level information submitted by states to EPA. These reports offer further transparency by providing project-by-project breakouts of various state and national totals. The reports can be broken out by Assistance Provided, Population Served, Assistance by Needs Category, Project Starts, and Project Completions. For example, there is a report that shows all the loans that began construction in 2022 and were included as part of the state and national report construction start totals.

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State/National Report Amounts

DW Assistance Provided Report

DW Assistance Provided

Agreement ActionStateBorrowerLoan Tracking NumberAssistance TypeDate of Agreement ActionNumber of New Agreements
(Includes Sub agreements)
Amount of New Funding
New Assistance SCPowdersville Water DistrictX3-096-22-0420002-07Loan08/24/20221$5,557,453
New Assistance VAPulaski County Public Service AuthorityWSL-046-18Loan11/17/20221$1,980,000
New Assistance VALee County Public Service AuthorityWSL-036-20Loan12/01/20221$701,934
New Assistance VAPulaski, Town ofWSL-036-19Loan08/02/20221$3,277,500
New Assistance VARussell County Public Service AuthorityWSL-027-17Loan08/01/20221$89,230
New Assistance VARichmond, City ofWSL-019-22Loan11/30/20221$500,000
New Assistance VASt. Paul, Town ofWSL-016-21Loan12/21/20221$807,868
New Assistance VAEssex Mobile Home ParkWSL-011-18Loan12/09/20221$360,250
New Assistance VAWashington County Service AuthorityWSL-010-21Loan08/30/20221$1,923,860
New Assistance VAAmherst, Town ofWSL-009-22Loan01/17/20231$165,000
New Assistance VAMontgomery County Public Service AuthorityWSL-009-20ELoan07/14/20221$8,564,626
New Assistance VAMarion, Town ofWSL-005-22Loan12/21/20221$1,306,000
New Assistance VANorton, City ofWSL-005-21Loan10/07/20221$365,588
New Assistance VAArlington Plantation POAWSL-004-21Loan08/03/20221$292,333
New Assistance VAPulaski County Public Service AuthorityWSL-001-22ALoan12/19/20221$250,000
New Assistance MDAnne Arundel County - Broad CreekWS0522Loan05/12/20231$1,784,155
Changes in Assistance MDTrappe, Town ofWS0496Loan01/11/20230-$103,067
Changes in Assistance MDOxford, Town ofWS0482Loan04/01/20230-$147,638
Changes in Assistance MDFruitland, City ofWS0453Loan01/10/20230-$78,068
New Assistance MTLewistown, City ofWRF 23-530Loan06/27/20231$5,150,000
New Assistance MTChoteau City ofWRF 23-529Loan06/21/20231$2,000,000
New Assistance MTPlains, Town ofWRF 23-527Loan05/17/20231$486,000
New Assistance MTGore Hill County Water DistrictWRF 23-525Loan05/11/20231$1,509,000
New Assistance MTCascade, Town ofWRF 23-523Loan03/07/20231$1,286,000
New Assistance MTSunny Meadows WSDWRF 23-522Loan12/07/20221$50,000
New Assistance MTPonderilla Hills WSDWRF 23-519Loan09/28/20221$400,000
New Assistance MTLoma County Water DistrictWRF 23-517Loan08/03/20221$674,900
New Assistance MTBig SandyWRF 23-515Loan07/20/20221$1,000,000
New Assistance NCScotland Neck, Town ofWIF-2040Loan06/09/20231$45,042
New Assistance NCAndrews, Town ofWIF-2038Loan06/02/20231$250,397
New Assistance NCJunaluska Sanitary DistrictWIF-2035Loan03/08/20231$3,961,316
New Assistance NCLucamaWIF-2034Loan02/22/20231$1,405,000
New Assistance NCOxford, City ofWIF-2019Loan10/11/20221$6,000,000
New Assistance NCDavie CountyWIF-2018Loan04/25/20231$41,051,620
New Assistance NCLumberton, City ofWIF-2010Loan09/08/20221$2,316,900
Changes in Assistance NCSampson, County ofWIF-2003Loan10/18/20220-$656,352
Changes in Assistance NCBrevard, City ofWIF-1999Loan03/31/20230-$101,525
New Assistance NCLouisburg, Town ofWIF-1989Loan11/23/20221$1,524,000
Changes in Assistance NCFountain, Town ofWIF-1987Loan09/30/20220-$124,000
New Assistance NCNorth Wilkesboro, Town ofWIF-1976Loan06/01/20231$6,735,310
New Assistance NCHenderson, City ofWIF-1920Loan09/26/20221$31,893,000
New Assistance RIVillage at Chopmist HillVACH-DW-FY23Loan09/30/20221$811,000
New Assistance RISmithfield, Town ofSMFD-DW-FY23Loan12/22/20221$3,000,000
New Assistance RIStone Bridge Fire DistrictSBFD-DW-FY23Loan01/19/20231$228,350
New Assistance VTPittsford, Town ofRF3-504-1.0Loan04/19/20231$86,290
New Assistance VTChamplain Water DistrictRF3-501-1.0Loan04/18/20231$228,000
New Assistance VTBristol, Town ofRF3-498-1.0Loan04/12/20231$91,339
New Assistance VTHinesburg, Town ofRF3-496-1.0Loan03/01/20231$100,000
New Assistance VTEnosburg Falls, Village ofRF3-495-1.0Loan03/03/20231$37,600
New Assistance VTChester, Town ofRF3-494-1.0Loan03/01/20231$73,560
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